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Good Outcomes Require Good Leadership

Good leaders do the right thing and let the chips fall where they may.

James Anthony
April 12, 2024

A key to how the quality of life has improved so much [1] in so many ways [2] has been that social organization in the USA is decentralized.

Customers relentlessly shift power to better producers [3]. If some people who are locally powerful produce bad results, others have regularly gained power and become a good alternative.

The social organization of USA governments also is decentralized.

Like customers, voters can shift power to better leaders [4]. Key opportunities to shift power are provided by caucuses and primaries [5].


The Republican presidential primaries are now destined to culminate in the party attempting to return power to former president Donald Trump. But the record strongly indicates that even if Trump is elected, this will not bring good outcomes. I’ll explain.

Every major expansion of government power and tyranny has been brought about by congressmen from both parties who have been Progressive. To counter this, Grover Cleveland vetoed his own parties’ bills 81 times. Calvin Coolidge, 50 times. Trump vetoed his own parties’ bills 0 times [6].

Trump killed Obamacare repeal [7]. He recommended and signed jailbreak [8], and massive inflationary spending increases [9]. He empowered public health tyranny [10] and created and pushed genetic therapies [11] that caused heart attacks [12], strokes [13], and reduced immune function [14]. Trump hasn’t accepted responsibility for his actions or exhibited the self-awareness that he would need to not risk causing further massive deprivations [15].

Voters had good options. Florida governor Ron DeSantis decreased spending as a proportion of GDP [9]. He blocked public health tyranny. He convened a grand jury to investigate the genetic therapies [16]. Independent candidate Robert Kennedy has demonstrated that he would try to address the covid tyrannies and prevent more.

So, early Trump-endorsers could have endorsed DeSantis. Since they were Republicans, they would not have endorsed Kennedy, but they did have the alternative option of simply not endorsing anyone. Instead, they endorsed Trump.

Alternative Leaders

Governors, state legislators, and national legislators can serve as alternative sources of leadership [16].

Their caucuses and primaries are yet to come in this election cycle. Their future caucuses and primaries will keep coming as quickly as every two years.

What defines support for the Constitution [17], and therefore support for freedom [18], isn’t platforms, and, in most cases, isn’t talk [19]. What defines support for the Constitution is action [20].

Democrats and independents, for example in the current senate, have reliably voted to support the Constitution no more than 30% of the time, and excluding just two outliers, no more than 10% of the time, decreasing freedom [21].

Constitutionalists are needed who, with few exceptions, will vote to support the Constitution 90% of the time, increasing freedom.

Reliable scorecards [22], [23] give voters useful lagging information on incumbents [24]. Endorsements of Trump while DeSantis was still running give voters useful leading information on all candidates, in all jurisdictions [25].

Here’s the short list of the national legislature’s genuine leaders: the politicians who, in their most-recent major votes, supported the Constitution at least 80% of the time, and didn’t endorse Trump over DeSantis:

Freedom Index 118 2,  1/23/2024

Doing the right thing by standing up against the Trump establishment is politically dangerous [26]. Politicians who do this are true leaders.

Prospective candidates who do this are true leaders too. Prospective candidates have been watching in real time as the Trump-establishment trainwreck has been speeding down the rails. These people can take action now. They may win now. Plus, they will at minimum build up name recognition so they can win in the future.

Voters have the key power. Money, media, name recognition—these things matter only to the extent that these things translate into votes. And the power of voters is the strongest in caucuses and primaries.

Now and always, voters need to support good leaders. Our best next opportunities to nominate and elect the leaders we need are coming up in the remaining caucuses and primaries [27], and in future elections’ caucuses and primaries.


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James Anthony is an experienced chemical engineer who applies process design, dynamics, and control to government processes. He is the author of The Constitution Needs a Good Party and rConstitution Papers, the publisher of rConstitution.us, and an author in Western Journal, Daily Caller, The Federalist, American Thinker, Lew Rockwell, American Greatness, Mises Institute, Foundation for Economic Education, and Free the People. For more information, see his about and media pages, fresh takes, and overview.


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