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State and Local Actions Now Are the Key to Limiting Governments

Inflation and recessions, health tyranny, abortion, invasion, government enforcers, and wars all need to be greatly limited by state and local government actions.

James Anthony
December 2, 2022

White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator Deborah Birx worked to, in her own words, “subvert” the advice given Trump by his senior advisor Scott Atlas. Anything she “couldn’t sneak past the gatekeepers in her reports” she “said in person” “in very blunt conversations with the governors [1].”

Birx made use of disguised laws that consisted of rules called guidance plus punishments by legacy media. These disguised laws were enacted by the national government and enforced by the state and local governments.

This one-two punch is the widest of all highways for defying the Constitution, because of the staffing of the respective governments. Of all government employees, a full 83% are in state and local governments [2]. State and local governments, augmented by corporations, have the mass to be Progressivism’s strongmen.

(Of all government employees, nearly 50% work in government schools. No wonder the schools are used to advance Progressivism.)

What we need state and local governments to do instead is secure our life, liberty, and property, starting now with these seven targeted actions [3]:

1. Explicitly outlaw national legal-tender laws.

Legal-tender laws are what force us to accept government money [4], which governments inflate, causing recessions [5]. These laws are unconstitutional [6].

State laws neutralizing the national legal-tender laws will clear the way for producers to provide constitutional private moneys that governments can’t inflate—for instance, constitutional gold money [7], backed by 100% reserves [8]. (100%-reserve money can’t be created out of thin air [9]. All loan money has to be saved up before it can be lent out.)

2. Make emergency powers explicitly illegal.

Emergency powers make government executives either reduce our liberties or get attacked by Progressive media. Meanwhile, emergency powers give government legislators a free pass to not stand up and be counted.

This loophole and moral hazard must be eliminated in every government jurisdiction [10]—especially in the state and local governments, which fly under the radar, wreaking destruction.

3. Explicitly legalize safe drugs for all uses.

Drugs often are therapeutic in new uses [11]. When a drug is already in large-scale use and doesn’t unduly impair functioning, no person shall be deprived of the property right to produce the drug, the liberty to buy the drug, or the potentially-lifesaving use of the drug [12]. State governments have the constitutional power and duty to protect these rights of their residents [13].

4. Make explicit that life begins at fertilization.

Fertilization begins a new life, with new DNA [14]. No person shall be deprived of life except through constitutionally-executed war or criminal punishment. Life comes first; it’s only after life is secure that liberty matters. Life should be made secure from abortion in parallel [15] by national and state legislators, executives, and judges.

5. Make immigration solely merit-based.

Long ago, some state governments naturalized aliens who other state governments wouldn’t naturalize [16]. Now, the national government is naturalizing aliens who don’t support limited government [17]. Where the people delegate power to the national government but the national government uses this power against them, the people remain in charge [18], and can readily delegate this same power to their state governments. State governments should enact and enforce naturalization of aliens solely based on each alien’s merit as a supporter of Constitution-limited government.

6. Neutralize the DOJ including the FBI

The DOJ including the FBI is an inward-facing army of political operatives [19]. State governments can make their people secure against these Constitution-defying national-government people; state governments have the required constitutional power and duty, legislators, executive manpower, and judicial systems. It’s time to use this power.

7. Strip away Ukraine support.

Rules of engagement [20] haven’t been constitutionally enacted by congresses [21], war hasn’t been constitutionally declared by congresses, and militia haven’t been constitutionally called by congresses, and yet our people and money are in Ukraine. Governors should recall all their militias (the so-called national guards) that the national government is using for any purposes; support by militias must not make it easier for our rogue national government to muster resources for war in Ukraine.

State governments also should take over collection of national income taxes from their residents, in the process reducing this collection [22] by the amount being used to support Ukraine. Attempts by the national government or its cronies to collect these taxes directly from people, or to penalize people for not paying directly, should be outlawed and penalized by state governments.

These seven targeted actions mostly don’t require state and local government people to limit their own governments, but instead only require them to limit the national government. This is quite doable, as Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has decisively demonstrated [23].

We delegate powers to state and local governments, and we equip them with the manpower to secure our rights on multiple fronts. It’s high time we make these people earn their keep.


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James Anthony is the author of The Constitution Needs a Good Party and rConstitution Papers, publishes rConstitution.us, and has written in Daily Caller, The Federalist, American Thinker, American Greatness, Mises Institute, and Foundation for Economic Education. Mr. Anthony is an experienced chemical engineer with a master’s in mechanical engineering.


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