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Inward-Facing Standing Army Must Be Closed and Repealed

Purges by Progressives must be permanently prevented by disarming the national government.

James Anthony
November 19, 2021

Purges are underway.

People have of late been deprived of their rights to gather and worship [1], write in the public commons [2], work [3], own businesses [4], prescribe and sell medicines [5], choose health treatments [6], make votes that count [7], protest [8], receive constitutional due process [9], and serve honorably in the military [10].

People may soon also be deprived of their rights to financial privacy [11], to access financial services [12], to work as police [13], and to produce or purchase energy products [14] and the associated energy-using products [15].

These are only deprivations for people who would choose otherwise: the people who would worship, make their own health-treatment decisions, and assert their natural rights. These people are the constitutionalists.

Purges would leave in their wakes distinctly-Progressive armed forces, police, schools, medicine, banking, energy businesses, and other corporations and organizations.

This must be prevented.

Threatening and as necessary depriving and purging more than half of the population [16] takes a huge amount of organization and touch labor. All this Progressive organization should be closed and repealed, at once and immediately, and all these Progressives should be sent packing.

But above all we must resolve to eliminate the Progressives’ key hired guns: agencies that, without military, criminal, or civil due process, directly deprive persons of life, liberty, or property [17].

The DOJ was started as a continuation of the huge national-government expansion for the Civil War [18]. The FBI was started early in the Progressives’ century-plus. The CIA, after WWII. The DNI and National Intelligence Program, after 9/11.

Together these are a standing army [19] turned inward.

None of these government people substantially execute the only criminal laws enumerated for the national government: treason [20], counterfeiting [21], and the natural laws that bind national governments [22].

Compared to an internal standing army, a single decentralized bunch of local police forces [23] is far-more locally controllable and is far-more protective.

The only acceptable remedy to limit the Progressives’ current internal standing army is to not execute the enabling statutes [24] and to fully repeal those statutes. In other words, to get rid of this army fully, in the way that’s the fastest possible [25].

If covert actions are to be taken sometimes, then like all war, this should be decided by congresses [26]. Also, there’s no benefit in using a CIA. Rather than congresses creating and maintaining a standing army that can and will be turned on us, it’s safer for congresses to contract out using letters of marque and reprisal [27].

Regardless of a government agency’s mission statement [28], a government agency is a loaded gun. We must never leave loaded guns lying around [29] where children will pick them up and shoot us.


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James Anthony is the author of The Constitution Needs a Good Party and rConstitution Papers, has written in The Federalist, American Thinker, Foundation for Economic Education, and American Greatness, and publishes rConstitution.us. Mr. Anthony is an experienced chemical engineer with a master’s in mechanical engineering.


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