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Solving the Perfect Vaccine Killing

Vaccines that are killing and injuring on a mass scale exist as unintended consequences of simple actions by congresses and presidents, and of inaction by state and local prosecutors and judges.

James Anthony
February 11, 2022

The more centralized the government—Stalinist Russia, Nazi Germany, Maoist China, governments under military rule—the more that high-status killers can kill with impunity [1].

Centralization, with different rules for the rulers, is also considerable with crony socialism [2]. The killing need not start as intentional; all that’s needed is for commonsense boundaries to be crossed.

It likely wasn’t intentional to start serial killing using genetic vaccines, but here we are. We can see where boundaries got crossed by investigating a few of the key choices made along the way.

Narrow Action

Like with most nascent technologies, the novel vaccines became feasible before they became as economical as competing products.

This made for an engineering tradeoff. If a vaccine would focus patients’ immune systems on a narrower portion of the target virus, the vaccine would be more economical. But if the vaccine’s action was narrower, virus mutations that were smaller and that developed faster would be enough to resist the vaccine-generated immune response.

Antibiotic resistance is widely familiar to the public. Its analog, vaccine resistance [3], would be anticipated to be widely familiar to the supervising government bureaucrats and to the vaccine producers.

But in the USA’s government/crony Operation Warp Speed partnerships, every one of the six producers chose to deliver narrow action [4].

Disease-Causing Spike Protein

The SARS-CoV-2 virus’s spike protein [5] causes COVID-19 disease by breaking up the inner walls of blood vessels, producing a wake of debris that produces clots throughout the circulatory system [6].

The spike protein is produced by the body by following a recipe given by only a small portion of the virus’s RNA.

All six Operation Warp Speed vaccines were designed to work using the spike protein. These vaccines would produce disease by themselves, and these would add to the disease in people who have the virus.

Blind, Deaf, Dumb

All three authorized Operation Warp Speed vaccines were genetic vaccines. Genetic vaccines migrate in the body and produce proteins in amounts that aren’t controlled and that vary for different individuals.

Pfizer’s trial, for example, targeted young, healthy, unexposed people. It didn’t track clotting that could produce disease. Its endpoints only considered illnesses and deaths from COVID-19. As it turned out, illnesses and deaths from other causes left the people who took the vaccine worse off overall [7].

Pfizer and the FDA buried Pfizer’s post-marketing pharmacovigilance until a court order began excavation. Adverse events in the first 2.5 months included over 1,200 deaths [8].

Pfizer and Modern alike, enabled by the FDA, didn’t stop selling their greatly-similar mRNA vaccines; they didn’t even pause. They doubled down and kept working to expand authorizations to vaccinate even healthier, younger people [9].

Centralized Incompetence

The current killing emerged only given over a century of failing to push back the gathering crony socialism.

The monopoly lawmaking FDA, by its very existence, either stops or greatly slows the development and improvement of trials and studies [10].

If there was no FDA, producers would have to win each customer. To compete to win the most-discriminating customers, drug producers would have to satisfy expert reviewers. Expert reviewers would in turn compete to offer the most value to their customers.

The FDA also enables producers to not publicly disclose relevant data.

The United States Patent and Trademark Office separately also enables producers to not publicly disclose the vast majority of the key data needed to offer a new drug for sale.

To successfully produce a new drug, a producer needs far more than a chemical composition, and far more than a bench-scale reduction to practice of a process’s reactions and separations. The producer needs trial or study data, equipment specifications and purchasing data, commissioning procedures and data, operating procedures and data, quality-control procedures and data, prescribing procedures and prescriber-support data, marketing materials and data, and safety pharmacovigilance procedures and data. If the producer is doing ethical due diligence, the producer also needs efficacy pharmacovigilance procedures and data.

Producers should not be initially granted monopoly patents, and should not continue to be granted monopoly patents [11], without full, public, ongoing disclosure of all this information that producers must internally develop to be able to ethically produce new drugs [12].

Congresses and presidents enable vaccine producers to escape lawsuits forever [13], not just up to the point when the producers, if they had performed ethical due diligence, would have uncovered disease mechanisms and would have limited the risks to patients.

State and local prosecutors and judges enable vaccine producers’ decisionmakers to escape prosecution for killings.

Government people are blunt instruments for preventing vaccine killings.

Customers are faster, more agile, more demanding, and far harder for producers to control [14]. Customers greatly incentivize producers to take forward-looking steps to prevent losses.

Broken-Windows Policing

To prevent any such killings, the solution is to free customers and producers to do the heavy lifting, and to use government people minimally and properly to add what they can do adequately well:

  • The FDA should be repealed and no state or local FDAs should be enacted.
  • The patent office should grant and continue to honor drug patents only given full, public, ongoing disclosure of every bit of information that a producer generates about a new drug initially and throughout its patent life.
  • Congresses and presidents should repeal open-ended immunity from lawsuits and replace it with full immunity that terminates the moment that a producer who exercises ethical due diligence would first detect signals that indicate that side effects could be unacceptably large.
  • State and local prosecutors, judges, and jailers should prosecute, convict, and punish national-government decisionmakers and government-crony vaccine producers’ decisionmakers who don’t do the ethical due diligence needed to uncover harmful effects, halt sale, and prevent any further administering of existing inventories.

Control by customers can be restored, essentially all at once [15], by a congress and president, and by state and local prosecutors and judges.

The beauty of decentralized control is that government people don’t need to centrally develop all the infrastructure needed to establish best practices now, and don’t need to centrally keep advancing best practices in the future. Instead, customers and producers, on their own, work in their own best interests to develop all the controls that are needed, and to keep improving these controls.

Stop the current vaccine killing spree, and prevent anything remotely similar from ever happening in the future. The actions needed from government people are simple.


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James Anthony is the author of The Constitution Needs a Good Par20ty and rConstitution Papers, has written in The Federalist, American Thinker, Foundation for Economic Education, and American Greatness, and publishes rConstitution.us. Mr. Anthony is an experienced chemical engineer with a master’s in mechanical engineering.


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