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YouTube Plays Doctor: No More Second Opinions

MedCram videos apply emerging and past research to COVID-19, but YouTube is increasingly only sharing bureaucrats’ opinions.

James Anthony
August 7, 2020

Figure MedCram (video 65 [1]; on video links, create a MedCram account and log in, and then copy the link and paste into browser). SARS-CoV-2 virus binds to ACE2 receptors, reducing angiotensin-1,7 inhibition of superoxide production. SARS-CoV-2 virus also increases polymorphonuclear leukocytes (PMNs), the most-abundant white blood cells. Both virus actions increase superoxide and therefore oxidative stress (65 [1]). This causes blood clotting systemically and in lung blood vessels, the actions by which COVID-19 disease kills (61 [2], 75 [3]).

In the MedCram Coronavirus videos [4], Dr. Roger Seheult has been teaching my wife and me about what works and why it works. 

My wife is a social worker and I’m a chemical engineer, but we both find these healthcare-personnel training videos to be extraordinarily-clear guides to immediately-relevant medical research, together with helpful medical and biochemical background understanding. 

Our daughter sometimes teases me that I’m a nerd. She probably couldn’t imagine her mom also following these videos closely and enjoying every one. 

We now understand that we can assertively fight COVID-19 using many options:

We understand that BCG vaccine leaves the immune system activated (43 [10]). Quercetin limits a virus’s entry into cells, and quercetin plus zinc limits a virus’s reproduction (35 [16]). Hydroxychloroquine plus zinc limits SARS-CoV-2 virus’s reproduction (34 [18], 59 [9]). Remdesivir incorporates into SARS-CoV-2 viral RNA as the RNA forms and the remdesivir prematurely terminates the RNA chains, limiting their activity (11 [17]). Ivermectin limits SARS-CoV-2 virus’s blocking of the body’s immune response (59 [9]). NAC prevents and repairs COVID-19 disease promoted oxidative damage, thinning clots (69 [32]). 

The only action these drugs have in common is the second action of quercetin, which is the same as the action of hydroxychloroquine: quercetin and hydroxychloroquine both admit zinc ions into cells, where zinc ions then limit a virus’s reproduction. A combination of quercetin and hydroxychloroquine together with zinc might limit virus reproduction more, and doesn’t appear to increase risks above the risks of using each drug by itself. 

Every other action of all these drugs is different than the actions of all the others. 

This means, very helpfully, that BCG, quercetin alone or plus zinc, hydroxychloroquine plus zinc, remdesivir, ivermectin, and NAC can be tried in any combination or all at once, unless combinations with experimental remdesivir are restricted. If combinations with remdesivir are restricted, then all the other drugs can be tried in any combination or all at once. 

And, critically, these drugs can be tried proactively, well before COVID-19 disease takes root and causes significant damage and increasing risk (59 [9]). Proactive use shows great promise to prevent the disease’s destruction on the comparatively-few people who are the most vulnerable (65 [1], AAPS [23], 71 [24]). 

Dr. Seheult, a co-founder of MedCram, is a pulmonologist, associate clinical professor at University of California Riverside School of Medicine, and assistant clinical professor at Loma Linda University School of Medicine and Allied Health. The latter school is where my niece and her husband recently went to medical school, so I already had learned not long ago that this medical school has a unique history of being in the forefront of not just reacting to disease but also proactively increasing wellness. Loma Linda, California residents have long been known to live extraordinarily-long lives [34].

My wife and I greatly appreciate that YouTube searches made it very easy for us to find this video series early on when we were immediately seeking practical information about this novel medical threat. 

But a problem is looming with this service. YouTube started removing some of this series’ videos. This time, YouTube ended up saying, without further explanation, that removing these five videos was a mistake, and YouTube reinstated these videos [35].

My wife and I were fine this time. We already were seeing each new video on YouTube before YouTube took them down. You’ll be fine this time. You’re hearing about the videos now, so you’ll know you can always see the complete series on MedCram.com. Even for other viewers, the number of videos that YouTube had removed from this series may seem to have been small. 

This appearance is deceiving. The fact is, the coverage that was reduced or vanished was on some of the key practical measures highlighted above: the coverage on the immune-system-activating BCG vaccine for TB (43 [10]), and the coverage on the antiviral drugs hydroxychloroquine (60 [22], 71 [24]) and remdesivir (57 [27]).

And of course, most people aren’t in the light like my wife and I have been and like you are now; most people are still in the dark now about many of these topics. Broader brownouts may still loom ahead soon in this crisis, and blackouts may loom in the next crisis and in the next crises after that, as social-media companies practice being evil [36].

YouTube has shown that they will play doctor and disallow second opinions; and this virus is spreading across search engines and social media sites. Fully-socialized medicine’s restrictions [37] of our options [37] are being imposed on us right now, as we speak. 

There was a time when, at YouTube’s current owner Google, then-director of consumer products Marissa Mayer—one of Google’s first 20 employees—said, “Often differences of opinion between smart people are differences of data” [38]. This rings true, in my experience.
But now, second opinions are increasingly being disappeared by YouTube [39], Google [40], Facebook [41], and Twitter [42].

No thanks, guys! Please think about when you yourselves search for information—don’t you highly value the freedom to choose for yourselves? Open access has a whole lot of fans, and a whole lot of customers. 

Data freedom has been a big deal for a long time here in the New World, and data freedom as a big deal is here to stay.
We’ll keep vetting our data ourselves, thank you. 

You are welcome to join us.


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James Anthony is a chemical engineer with a master’s in mechanical engineering, and author of The Constitution Needs a Good Party: Good Government Comes from Good Boundaries, and rConstitution Papers: Offsetting Powers Secure Our Rights


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