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How to Limit China's Government People

First limit the USA’s governments, then enact rules and sanctions on China’s government.

James Anthony
February 23, 2024

China’s government people are known to be taking more than forty kinds of unconventional-warfare actions against the USA people [1].

On January 10, 2023, by a vote of 365 to 65, the current house of representatives established its Select Committee on the Strategic Competition Between the United Sates and the Chinese Communist Party [2].

Previously, on October 7, 2022, the USA Bureau of Industry and Security restricted exports to the People’s Republic of China of advanced chips, supercomputer technology, and advanced-semiconductor manufacturing equipment [3].

Such restrictions are the right kind of thing to do to limit war [4], but the USA government people did this in a way that unnecessarily heightened the risk to the USA people. President Biden, like every Progressive, gets USA government processes and priorities badly wrong.

What the select committee must do instead, and the current congress and Biden together should do instead, is take a holistic approach.

Limit war by building relative economic strength

In the runup to World War II, when the allies-to-axis GDP ratio fell to 2.0, the axis powers attacked. Later, when the allies built up the allies-to-axis GDP ratio to 5.1, the allies won [5].

Our relative economic strength improves when our governments take actions that let our people strengthen themselves, and also when our national government takes actions that hinder China’s people from strengthening China’s government.

This requires first putting the USA governments’ own houses in order, and next limiting the USA’s building of China’s economic strength.

First limit the USA’s governments

First, USA governments must make the USA people’s key rights more secure by taking these seven priority actions:

  1. Repeal legal tender laws.
  2. Make emergency powers explicitly illegal.
  3. Make generics explicitly unrestricted.
  4. Make explicit that life begins at fertilization.
  5. Make immigration solely merit-based.
  6. Repeal the DOJ, including the FBI.
  7. Repeal Ukraine support [6].

Legal tender laws force people to accept government money, which governments always inflate [7]. The latest resulting crisis is the current Great Inflation II [8]. ESG controls are another front that’s growing [9].

Emergency powers and restrictions on generics left covid usually untreated and were staggeringly harmful.

A new life, with new DNA, begins at fertilization. The Fifth Amendment requires that unless this new life is given his or her due constitutional criminal or military process, he or she shall not be deprived of life [10].

Naturalization based on birthright [11], chain migration, and quotas by country all bring in supporters of unconstitutional big government [12]. The only naturalization that will constitutionally limit deprivations of the rights of the USA’s people will be naturalization based solely on prospective citizens’ valuing freedom and being likely to contribute to freedom.

The DOJ and FBI are Progressive enforcers, a standing army facing inward against supporters of the Constitution [13]. Constitutionally, all criminal justice other than for treason and counterfeiting is left to state and local governments [14].

Ukraine support doesn’t prevent the USA people from being deprived of life, liberty, or property, and meanwhile does preserve Progressives’ Ukraine sandbox for advancing socialism abroad and at home [15].

For USA government people to be able to limit China’s government people, USA government people must limit themselves, in substantial ways that let the USA people grow more powerful. Peace comes foremost not from military strength but from moral and economic strength.

Then incentivize China’s government

Next, the USA’s national government people must spell out explicit law that they will follow that will limit China’s government people.

To best incentivize peaceful actions, when this law clearly is needed it must apply strong negative incentives fast, and when this law clearly is not needed it must remove these strong negative incentives fast [16].

Every law consists of rules plus sanctions.

In this law, rules must be spelled out that prohibit each of China government people’s unconventional-warfare actions that are currently recognized:

  1. Demoralization using propaganda, cultural warfare, memes, media, psy-ops, disinformation, and misinformation.
  2. Destabilization using subversive movements, overseas governance, front operations, political infiltration, diplomatic warfare, industrial warfare, economic warfare, technological warfare, telecom warfare, trade warfare, legal warfare, sanctions warfare, cyber warfare, smuggling, drug warfare, education warfare, honeytraps and blackmail, strong-arm tactics and intimidation, financial warfare, resource warfare, infrastructure warfare, environmental warfare, counterfeit goods, intelligence warfare, and spying.
  3. Conflict promotion using proxy warfare, guerilla warfare, controlled opposition, and terrorist warfare.
  4. Intervention using biochemical warfare, poisoning, sleeper agents, atomic warfare, electromagnetic pulse weapons, space warfare, and electronic warfare [1].

Additional rules must be added fast each time an additional unconventional-warfare action is first recognized.

The sanction giving force to these rules must be that trade with China’s people, which would strengthen China’s government people, is prohibited.

China’s people must be able to see as clearly as possible whether their government people are taking actions that further deprive them of their rights. They must be able to see what would need to be done by different government people to end these deprivations.

When China’s people see this, it will become in the self-interest of China’s government people to try to retain power by ending all their aggression fast.

Blocking trade will materially deprive both nations’ people for now. But if the USA’s government people leave the USA people freer while China’s government people leave the Chinese people more coerced, then the USA people’s economic growth will outpace the Chinese people’s sustainable economic growth [17]. This will increase the USA’s relative economic strength, which will reduce the threat of attack.

Process is policy. China’s government can be limited, civilly. The starting point is for the USA’s governments to be limited.


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James Anthony is an experienced chemical engineer who applies process design, dynamics, and control to government processes. He is the author of The Constitution Needs a Good Party and rConstitution Papers, the publisher of rConstitution.us, and an author in Western Journal, Daily Caller, The Federalist, American Thinker, Lew Rockwell, American Greatness, Mises Institute, Foundation for Economic Education, and Free the People. For more information, see his about and media pages, fresh takes, and overview.


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